Friday, May 28, 2010

Cassy’s Corner

First, I want to let folks know that beginning in June I’ll be moving my “day” to Wednesday. We’ll have guests on various days during the week plus on Fridays. We are hoping this will even out the postings plus offer all you dear readers more diversity. Mary has taken command (thank you, girl) and posted the guest list. More guests will be added within the week. Keep coming back to check. You’re not going to want to miss anything!

Second, I thought I’d share my latest fussings. I have been trying to organize my office. I work from my home so my office is really the battle station for the house. Bills come in, junk mail, notes to myself such as “don’t forget to call the plumber,” or “why hasn’t the rug been delivered yet?” The list goes on.

Of course, then there is my writing. (Yes, Christine, dear agent, I am writing!) So that means I have piles of notes, cards, pages, books and stickies. You might remember that I’m the queen of stickies. When I’m dead and gone my office could become a satellite store for Staples.

Then, there are my computers. I have a desk top, an old lap top and a new lap top. Well, they are supposed to communicate via the Airport in the Mac system. Wireless. Some days they are fantastic. Everything goes according to Hoyle. Some days they refuse to sync with each other like some children on the playground. I move among them (don’t ask why, I just do) and on a Monday all the files are right there, no problem. Two days later—poof—they have decided not to play together. I am sure it’s my fault, that’s what all mothers say. But, really, how many old files, old emails, old bookmarks do you have living on your computer? You know they are there--but where?

So, where I’m really going with this is: organization. We all have beyond nutty lifestyles. We all are managing more than we probably even realize. How do we create systems that help us rather than control us? I started a filing system that I was pretty darn proud of. Well, it was so good it took over. I was working for my system.

My husband and I like things neat and tidy. I dread the day he opens one of the closets in my office and discovers the stacks and piles that “keep” my office neat and tidy. I’ll be found out soon, I’m sure.

What do you do? How do you keep office and writing separate from home and details? How do you work when the phone keeps ringing, and that means new notes to yourself about what you now need to remember to do? Shall I keep listing the challenges? Chime in here, people. I know we can collectively pool a wonderful list of solutions.